The ancient art of storytelling is a something I became more and more fascinated about within the last years by using narratives, visuals and facts to talk about my research. Here, I will share some of my field stories. 

                                                                                  Please stay tuned!


Other sources

Other examples of storytelling are Lost & Found, which is a project that aims to bring to life inspirational stories about the rediscovery of animals and plants or the beautiful Wolfkodex by Jana Malin. 

Research which is underpinning the positive role of storytelling in conservation: Fernández‐Llamazares, Á., & Cabeza, M. (2018). Rediscovering the potential of indigenous storytelling for conservation practice. Conservation Letters11(3), e12398 or Jacobs, M. H., & Harms, M. (2014). Influence of interpretation on conservation intentions of whale tourists. Tourism Management42, 123-131.